Thursday, September 11, 2008


well, some time holed up in louisville has paid off. i have finally managed to list my worksite accidents print diptych on etsy. thanks to the people i met at craft fairs who harassed me to do so. it's alive!

i have also managed to get the pin pals sets live on etsy (even though their designer, miss sara guindon, has had them in her shop for a while now).

and i got some buttons in the mail for long-time custom button clients, baroque ensemble i furiosi. these new designs are merch for a concert on monday celebrating their tenth anniversary. i am so happy to have been able to make them into the rock stars they button form. look how badass they look. that's some sexy baroque. congratulations on ten years, guys!


Elizabeth said...

As in Louisville, KY? I live there! :)
You have a really neat blog. I like to look at your travels.
By the way, a hot brown is an open-faced sandwich. It usually has turkey, bacon, tomato, and a cheesy sort of sauce over bread. I just thought I'd say something about it because you mentioned not knowing what it was in an earlier post.

sweetie pie press said...

totally louisville, ky!

as a matter of fact, i am sitting in a coffee shop on bardstown road this very moment. i just filled dot fox up with new buttons (which i should write about this evening).

and i did kind of get what a hot brown was. it just assaulted my vegetarian idea of what food is.