Friday, September 12, 2008

why louisville loves me.

okay, i don't know why louisville loves me, or even if it does. but i do know that i have a bit of a love-on for this town, although this affection is also somewhat inexplicable. i've only ever spent a total of eight hours in the city (because holing up in a peripheral motel and making the mess pictured above does not count). there's just something i feel here. call me stupid, if you must. aitor does.

we started our last day in louisville (and only actual day of venturing into the city) with a visit to my biggest retailer there - dot fox clothing culture. i have to say that the proprietress, one miss sally bird, is a true southern sweetie. she is always so kind and supportive and has a really good eye for style. the shop makes me feel like i could possibly manage to dress myself respectably with little effort. that was, if i was so inclined/able. it also has lots of neat art and things.

next up, we made a purely tourist stop at why louisville, a self-professed "fan club for the city." they only work with local artists and thus won't even look at our stuff (a respectable choice). they do, however, seem to make one exception to the louisville-only rule and that is when it comes to merchandise praising/quoting/celebrating/exalting the big lebowski.

yes, it is true. this is because one of the shop's owners is also a founder of lebowski fest, a festival of all things big lebowski that started in louisville and has since expanded all over the world. clearly, this shop is amazing.

i allowed myself to buy one new shirt. a recent stroll through pictures of my appearances at improv festivals spanning the last few years taught me that i haven't been acquiring new casual stage clothes for...five years. the new shirt is blue and covered in yellow horseshoes - a great memento of the town i love so much. i still don't know if i will wear it on stage. i guess i'll stick with my distractions shirt and emma's old hand-me-down jeans. again.

and now we head off to chicago for what looks to be a very wet and soggy renegade craft fair. speaking of rain, check out this rain-drop-bedazzled care package i got from leah and jen back home.

they are the new gocco printed business cards for our collective, city of craft. it was actually a nice group effort, even from afar. well, insomuch as i sent the digital files. they really did most of the work. it made me feel a little bit of home while on the road. now i have to stop myself from just hoarding them all for myself..

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