Wednesday, September 10, 2008

motel room lullaby.

this is what we do between places - that is, when we aren't wasting our time and money on having ridiculously tacky experiences. we have had to buckle down a bit lately, though, with a string of fall craft fairs just around the corner. this weekend is renegade craft fair chicago (lord help us, the computer says it is going to rain), next weekend we go to detroit for the diy street fair, the following weekend we will be outside of st. louis for the strange folk festival...and then...and then...there is a lot off stuff to make.

i have also been taking some last minute pictures of aitor/the misanthrope specialty company's works so that he can finally launch the misanthrope web shop. with more skilled photographic assistance from our pal stacey bode, this has been a big project of his over the past couple of weeks. there may even be stuff up there later tonight. he is at kinko's right now working furiously while i dominate our motel room with button making.

also, i have just received word from the lovelies over at craftland in providence that the sweetie pie press's wares have been accepted to their annual pop-up shop. this will be their seventh year and my first. i am very excited to be represented at this awesome event.


shannongerard said...

sweeeeeet! i might be going to the detroit fair-- visiting for another illustrating / writing fact find mission!!

Lorie said...

Wrong side of the country or I would be there!

sweetie pie press said...

no way, shan!

let us know.