Monday, September 15, 2008

and then life gets even more surreal (or aitor gets interviewed for cbs sunday morning).

this all began a few months back while we were in winnipeg. aitor had received an email from a producer at cbs sunday morning saying that they were working on a piece about the beauty of ugliness and had found out about his unflattering portrait project through a piece written about aitor a while back on martha stewart's bluelines blog. they wanted to do an interview, have aitor do an unflattering rendition of their logo, and do a live unflattering portrait of the correspondent, mo rocca.

they emailed back and forth about our crazy tour schedule and then we heard nothing for months and figured we were just too complicated to deal with. then, while we were in atlanta, aitor got a message that they would like to meet up in chicago and everything became real.

as a spectator, i have to say how deeply entertained i was. everyone was very nice and the conversations both on and off camera were interesting, fun and thoughtful. i know aitor's interview is part of a bigger piece and felt very lucky to get to watch the extended version. my pride in him is totally overwhelming and embarrassing!

we don't yet know when the piece is scheduled to air but will update the world here when we find out.

from the interview, i went to renegade handmade to drop off some new stuff of mine and the misanthrope specialty company's. the place was covered in drying things from the weekend and everyone was as weary as i so i felt sort of normal there. also, if you wanted something of ours from the fair and failed to get it, it's worth giving a check into the store. i mean, it's worth going there if you are in chicago, anyway.


Anonymous said...

i just love it!

conflay said...

When is the episode supposed to air? Do you have a picture of Mo's unflattering portrait? Thanks for the blog.

Church of Craft Athens said...

Can you have them call Mrs. Jokes?

sweetie pie press said...

a) we don't know the air date yet. when we do, we shall share it.

b) we did take a picture of mo's portrait but are waiting for them to send us a picture of him with the portrait before posting it. we also don't want to ruin the on-air reveal.

c) the producer asked us to send along some images of past portraits (which i imagine may or may not be used on air). we only sent ones of people we know so as not to be too creepy to strangers. here is a list of the ones we sent:
- nilla kulik
- josh dean
- stephen sim
- stephanie tardy
- leah buckareff
- kevin gillese
- melissa farran
maybe your faces will end up on television news!

d) um...mrs. jokes...i think we lost her number.

toronto craft alert said...

amazing! please pass on my belly bucks to aitor!

pomly said...

That is awesome! We have a special place for ours, for when ever it comes into being. :)