Sunday, September 14, 2008

seriously? really, seriously?

so here's how last night went down after we packed it in from the raining craft fair:

after a bit of drying out and trying to get some work done, aitor went outside for a smoke and got stung in the hand by a wasp. calamity #1.

we watched a few episodes of the office (from reba's awesome dvd collection) while i made more buttons on her living room floor and then went to bed around 2:30am. not long after settling into bed, we heard a huge crash from the street and ran to the window only to see a white suv pulling away from boris (our station wagon) and lurching around the corner. i threw my gum boots on and ran out into the street in the pouring rain wearing basically underwear and a shirt. the charming suv driver has actually parked around the corner and was busily slurring and telling me it wasn't him and that gangs had run into my car. all the while his back tail light lay in a pile of glass on my soaking wet driver's seat and his bumper was covered in glass from my windshield. eventually, our new weird drunk friend told us he'd fix the car if we came and drank tequila with him. we already had all his insurance information, so we declined and waited for the police to arrive. boring boring boring...we filled our forms, they were nice but they refused to talk with this inebriated driver or do anything about him. after the police departed, we were left with a gaping wide hole in the car that was quickly filling with water. the door was too based in to open. there was glass everywhere. it was probably around 5:00am.

aitor, prince that he is, volunteered to unload the car into reba's place. this was no small job. also, while he was doing this he got two more wasp stings.

after bandaging aitor up and finally getting to sleep, it was about 6:30am. i got up at 9:00 to drive around and find an auto glass place. thankfully, the car still moves. the charming dudes there hammered on my door until it would open again, vacuumed the glass out of everywhere and set me on my way with a brand new rain-repelling window. they were real champs and i felt almost stable again. the door is no so full of holes, though, that it fills with water in the rain and sloshes when opened or closed. i wish i had pictures of what boris looked like before these guys did their job. it was sad. but taking pictures was not on my mind in the middle of the night in the middle of the road.

now being rained on at craft fairs seemed the least of our concerns and sitting through a few hours of downpour was nothing to our exhausted, stung, tattered selves. by just before sunset, the clouds had parted and there was actually sunshine. everything dried out, the bands played and chicagoans came out in droves. we didn't even have to put a wet tent in the car (one of my least favorite things - not that it would have mattered much in the soggy state the car was in).

the car now smells like an old wet sandwich and my hands are covered in little cuts i didn't know i was getting from leftover broken glass, but all in all i feel kind of fortunate. if calamity is going to strike (and when one spends six months living the way we are, one should expect some amount of calamity) we are lucky to both be alive and (mostly) well. it is hard for aitor to draw portraits with his hands covered in stings. hopefully that will abate a bit by tomorrow morning. but that's a story for another day...


Anonymous said...

How can the cops not do anything? The guy was obviously drunk! That really sucks. At least you got his insurance info. :/

freshie (and zero) said...

oh no - that's a terrible story! i'm so sorry for all of the crap you had to go through over the weekend!

Meb said...

Man that sucks! My thoughts are with you!

toronto craft alert said...

i finally read this and now am just totally in awe of what you were going through that monday the calls & emails were flying while we were doing that thing we needed to do. my respect for your resilience and commitment to the crafty cause has swelled. thank you becky.