Tuesday, September 16, 2008

bless the children of pilsen.

it has come time to give great thanks to the two very special people who have housed us during our arduous time in chicago (okay, semi-arduous) - reba and bob. no only have they been living with two exhausted loafers on their couch but, since the car incident and ensuing garage visits, they have also been living with all our crap in their home. like, all of it. and it's an impressive amount.

in other somewhat related territory, i must report of today's visit to no coast, a new collective and storefront that reba is involved with. aside from soaking in the general excitement of a shop/workspace on the verge of opening, i also dropped off some button there for their grand opening coming up next week. it's next thursday if you feel like partying hard with them to launch this cool new space in the heart of pilsen, a neighbourhood i have grown to quite enjoy. what can i say, i'm a sucker for kids playing in the streets.

it's exciting to see the shop all buzzing with activity and smelling of paint. who knows where things will go over the next week? maybe we will make it back for the launch. oh, and those awesome display racks above are made from old art shipping crates. pretty smart, huh?

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