Monday, August 18, 2008

wholly craft!

i have yet to mention our gracious columbus hosts (who have been even more gracious that they expected as we are some serious lingerers when we want to be). this is because they deserve their own attentions. that's chong pictured above. he clearly can't keep up with my button making action, disproving the assertion of one craftin' outlaws patron who stood in front of my table on saturday saying to her cohort that "everyone and their brother is making buttons these days - because it's easy." i doubt she would last as long as chong. he did pretty well. and i'd be lying if i said that i hadn't passed out in the same way once or twice.

our human hosts are equally crafty. seth is a screen printer who spent his sunday doing an impressive revamp on a thrift store picture frame. i am seriously inspired by such displays of gumption. i need more day-off projects when i get home. okay, maybe i just need more days off. olivera (whom i have now know for a few years) is also the mastermind between columbus' first (and maybe only?) outlet for handmade goods, wholly craft!

aitor and i made a visit to the shop today. i am actually kicking myself for not getting a picture of the awesome mural that just happened to be there when olivera moved to this new location. i guess you are just going to have to go see for yourself. aitor and i picked up a few goodies - a book on wood finishing, a book on paint and wallpaper, some vintage fabric, a zine and some secret surprises for secret people. if you are ever in columbus, wholly craft is the place to go. olivera also makes the round to nearby craft fairs (she will be at renegade chicago, for instance), so keep and eye out. but the shop itself is the best. now to read all those books about things we should be better at doing...

oh, the shame. the shame.

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