Tuesday, August 19, 2008

model citizen.

i have been sitting on this news for a while now and have been busting at the seams since i saw proofs, but had to hold out on saying anything. above is a panel from a new web comic called unspent love by one of my favorite people, shannon gerard. she's been asked to do a monthly strip for top shelf (congrats, shan!) and asked me to pose for the first one right before i left toronto because she was tired of drawing her sister, son and partner. it was a crazy night - we went into the subways right after my last toronto performance with iron cobra and then sat on a bench and had farewell chats until i had to go. now, seeing it all real and online i am so proud of shannon and feel quite famous.

today i also discovered a little blogly love from my friend faythe. this crafty internet world can really be a magical place filled with love and support. it's such an adjustment from the world of performing comedy. oh, there is love there, too, but it generally comes with at least a small bit of bile and/or is coated with a cynical veneer.

with all this love heaped on me from the abyss, i suppose i should dole out some, myself.

#1 - a midwest friend, keith helt, has a new issue of his zine, flotation device, on the shelves (the internet shelf and the shelves of some independent chicago book sellers). i will be picking up a copy when i pass back through chicago in september, but you can look online and/or read up on his new blog right now to get a sense of what a cool dude keith is.

#2 - miss lauren bride has finally started a blog in an attempt to hold at least part of the immense creative output she has found herself producing since she got hit on the head by a bolt of hyper-creativity this year. lauren is also one of the progeny behind this. oh, miss bride. you are loved.

#3 - tara bursey reports that she still has a few cigar boxes to get into the hands of some worthy autobiographers for her portable library project. you should hunt her down and get involved. actually, lauren and keith should. and missy. there, i said it. i would suggest shannon, too, but i know she is freaked-out busy right now.

now to sleep. we have a big day of ridiculous tourism tomorrow in cincinnati. i joke not; this is going to be serious.


shannongerard said...

awww....thanks for spreading the blog love. you are my favourite blog poet! i am going to do the portable library project! i can't resist!!

also-- i miss you!

sweetie pie press said...

i really should have known. overachiever.

also, can you believe that we are only about half way through our trip?!

shannongerard said...

half way!? craaaaazy.