Saturday, August 16, 2008

outlaws of ohio.

oh no. i am running out of steam when it comes to writing about craft fairs. craftin' outlaws is a fair we did a couple of years ago on our last tour and which seems to have grown steadily since. this year, they moved to a new location which solved a lot of problems (like the always-rained-upon back yard at the old venue). oh, up there are some of our lovely neighbours from the pittsburgh travel agency. i really liked their stuff and would have bought a shirt if i wasn't feeling so poor. i try not to feel poor but this week got a little scary.

we spent most of the day cooped up behind our table so i have a paltry collection of pictures - mostly of my own stuff. the venue was an old converted church with big coloured glass windows and the light got beautiful in the late afternoon.

aitor even took a picture of me that i liked (without goofy teeth in). so, here you go sweetie; it isn't just pictures of you (revealing how little you change your clothes) anymore.

after the fair, we all had to clear out so that a wedding reception and a playboy oil wrestling could load in (for serious). a bunch of folks from the fair went out to northstar cafe. i ate a burger made of beets. the last time we were in columbus, we walked into the northstar and heard someone way "friends!" we looked way up and saw our friend rick rumoli. it made no sense and was the best surprise and i can't walk in there without remembering that senseless moment. we had a good time with mr. rumoli, too. we ate ice cream.

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