Thursday, August 7, 2008

transmissions from the deep (or thinking a little of others for a moment).

photo by nancy o'mara

we are not in new mexico, where that picture up there was taken. it arrived in my email today from nancy who lives in santa fe. this is from a morning walk she took along route 66 on june 8th. perhaps others out there among you may want to imagine that you are there and then the way i want to. i am not in a bad place, mind you. aitor and i have arrived in providence where we were greeted with loving arms by my friend (and former roommate) marya errin jones. she also happens to have spent a good chunk of her adult life in new mexico. that is also where this long stretch of our journey began...just to tie things up in the neatest of bows. say, albuquerque and providence are rather far apart.

marya and i have a lot in common at this point in our lives; we are both recovering physical theatre performers turned crafters (who both still perform in spite of our ire and best intentions). so this gave way to much discussion about the multiple selves required by the industries of creative expression (as in "why would someone take me less seriously as a performer when they find out i crochet?") marya also keeps a crafty blog and channels a deceased druid monk. i guess i have yet to add 'psychic medium' to my list of skills, so therein some of our common ground ends. but really, i am busy enough as it is. i don't know how marya has the energy to do all she does and channel the dead. she crocheted all night while i made buttons and aitor drew. it was dreamy.

photo by tara bursey

i have also been meaning to mention tara bursey's portable library project, wherein she invites artists to create a week's worth of tiny, archival journals on-the-go. i am happy to say that not only will i be participating and making my own mini-library, but i will be doing so from the road (because why wouldn't i take on another project? and what could be more on-the-go?) i do believe that tara still has a few packages to distribute to willing artists and is still accepting expressions of interest. follow the links above if this sounds appealing. and don't be afraid if it seems daunting. tara is a very singular curator with a great mind for both the populist and the esoteric (and her own special place in between).

i would also like to remind all you friends and enemies out there about my open mail call. i didn't realize quite how much i would miss getting mail on my travels.

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DavesGotTheGun said...

that roadway freaks me out. reminds me of The Hills Have Eyes, but i'm sure its beautiful. I wonder whats to the left and right.