Wednesday, August 6, 2008

this rolling life.

if ohio passes by slow then pennsylvania passes by even slower. pennsylvania seems to be in the middle of everywhere one might want to go on this part of the map, too. i think they worked it that way so they can make toll coin off everyone possible. i am road weary and the sprawling vistas of the southwest are far behind us, so there is little to report. we did have the good fortune of being diverted off the freeway through wheeling, ohio, on our trip today. it's a small former mining town on the verge of the state line with pennsylvania with a pittsburghesque quality to its layout. i guess mining towns look like mining towns.

i thought i might use this opportunity to let you all in on some little secrets about our perpetual motion operation here. after being bought out of all my loose buttons in st. louis (thank you again), i have been wildly trying to make more buttons every night in our motel rooms along the way. i stay up making them until i pass out into a pile of button parts. aitor tucks me in and then stays up even later doing his work. in the morning we pry ourselves out of bed minutes before check-out (sometimes he needs to be lured with bad motel coffee and sometimes i need the covers pulls off of me and hidden). earl grey tea in hand (from tealish in toronto - i still have the dregs left from the stash i left with), i get behind the wheel and we start moving. after aitor gets his morning fix of caffeine and nicotine (and sometimes a wee nap), he steps up like a real prince and finish off my night-before's buttons. this is how many of the buttons you may own get their pins in them:

seriously, isn't he a gem?

in case you were wondering, he's working out of some pieces from a vinatge lazy susan that i got at a thrift shop in indianapolis. it will also be used in my display at craft shows. what can i say? studio space is at a premium in a 1987 pontiac 6000 station wagon.

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