Tuesday, August 5, 2008

corn fed travels and thinking of home.

we're in, like, ohio. i am sorry to say that in countless travels through this state, i have yet to be wowed by anything. please, please, show me how wrong i am. i should mention that i have yet to go to cincinnati. but we will in a few weeks.

anyway, since life is so bland and the roadside attractions so contrived (i'm not even going to dignify the roadside crap hole we fell into today with a mention), we took to photographing our arms.



what have we learned? russian/british blood tans less easily than hispanic/basque blood and jewish ladies have hairy arms.

so let's move on to more illuminating subjects; city of craft 2008 applications are now live and online! all you have to do is send and email. no fee to apply! why not do it right now? it's easy. isn't that exciting? i'm excited.

and look at that amazing potser that shannon gerard made. isn't she amazing?

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