Friday, August 8, 2008

whipple world.

this is what i've done to marya's home, or the beginnings of a full-on sweetie pie infestation, anyway.

oh, marya lives in a house that is part of a little community called whipple world. whipple world is located on whipple street and consists of a series of houses owned by a couple who hoard building supplies, put them to use on all these old houses, keep records, research things, aid wayward souls and do other useful stuff. the fences are all knocked out in the back yards and the space back there is shared. marya plants things. sometimes they have fire parties. according to her, there is also an old travelling carnie trailer full of typewriters somewhere and a printing press.

in the olden olden days, twenty eight armenian men lived in this small house and worked in the factory down the street. marya says their energies make it hard for her to sleep late because they all want to get up and go to work. i think she is just not as good at sleeping in as i am. i'm a pro!

today we all worked and worked. aitor got a last-minute illustration job and i have a thousand things to catch up on. for a treat, marya and i went for a little car trip around town. included on the trip was this bargain-basement fabric store housed in an old texile mill...

...where they don't screw around.

marya also introduced me to this amazing blog which i think i will now have to be mesmerized by for days. i retaliated by introduing her to the haunting wonders of chocolate rain, which she surprisingly had not yet encountered.

tomorrow we all head to new bedford, massachsettes, for the new bedford open market hosted in part by the lovely elissa who runs a great shop there called calico. full report forthcoming. but for now, some pins are screaming to be finished.


Unknown said...

I love Your Face! I sent him a photo of me a while back but he has yet to work his magic with it.

sweetie pie press said...

well, thanks! i love your face, too.

i have to dig up a good picture to send. but marya says her submission has yet to show up, either.

Lisa PN said...

whoa, becky, chocolate rain is scary!
but somewhat addictive. Is he for real? weird. Anyhow, your travels look brilliant! Hope to see you soon!