Saturday, August 2, 2008

thrift sore.

today, among other boring makings of things, we went to a bunch of thrift shops looking for frames that aitor can use for his illustrations. i also need a mirror so that people can see how awesome they look in my crocheted hats and neck warmers at fairs. we stumbled onto the massive print above and aitor got kind of kicky because we couldn't possibly take it with us. but look how amazing it is!


DavesGotTheGun said...

illustrations? link?

sweetie pie press said...

aitor is very bad at documentation and i am mostly bad as a wife (in that i don't take pictures of all his stuff).

but here is a sampling.

obviously i am not the worst wife; i have documented 100+ unflattering portraits. also, we're not married.

shannongerard said...

a trip across the country stopping at every known thrift store.

a new dream of mine.

sweetie pie press said...


do bear in mind that car sizes are finite and thus heartbreak is involved in this type of acquisitory adventuring. materialistic heartbreak, at any rate.