Sunday, August 3, 2008

ozrk vilge (or further travels down the road).

i wish i could photograph every amazing old falling apart sign i have seen on this trip, especially the ones along the more dilapidated stretches of old route 66. not only are they beautiful but i feel a sense of urgency in documenting them. sadly, time and the lack finances required to purchase more time make it impossible for me to add 15,000 stops to our trip. i get sad when i have to whizz past something amazing, though. this country is very big and very full of amazing.

the sign above is from some ozark-themed tourist crap shop in missouri somewhere. it was a few minutes after closing so they wouldn't take our money for cruddy postcards. the picture was free.

tonight we bed near st. louis.


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! Suzi here, the little lady that you met at The Curatorium on your travels through Providence. Just wanted to stop by and read the blogging and was happily surprised to hear that you had a successful visit to Rag-O-Rama in St.Louis. I worked as a buyer at the Rag back in 2000 when I first lived in St.Louis. How funny! Well, keep up the good blogging and happy trails!

sweetie pie press said...

ha ha!

i imagine that there could be no way our lives do not have multiple passing connections. we have just moved around too much with too much similarity. i look forward to discovering even more.