Friday, August 1, 2008

bag flags.

this is how i fold plastic bags to keep them organized on the road - we save the plastic bags we end up with and reuse them at craft fairs.

the idea for doing this folding came from a play i saw written by sonja mills. it was called flag and pile. i am not sure if this is the kind of bag folding mentioned in the play, but this is how i pictured it and it has been very handy while ambling. this should prove calming in case anyone reading this is contemplating the usefulness of live theatre or other art.

oh yes, we are currently hiding out in a cushy oklahoma city motel room, trying to get things done and staying away from the blistering heat outside.

1 comment:

pomly said...

Great idea! I usually have wads stuffed within other wads of bags. I am using this idea if I ever do another craft fair!