Monday, August 25, 2008

sitting on the factory floor.

yesterday was taken easy. we hardly went out. i made lots of buttons. and in the evening we all sat around working on various craft projects, chatting and watching movies. we also participated in rancho cocoa's weekend wind-down (an activity which results in many lists, so i'm extra down with it). oh, that's nilla up there performing her nonchalant trick of just sitting still like a person.

me, i'm working on replacing tara bursey's cheap dates button sets that were all gobbled up by various stores on our travels. your girls are out there in the big bad world now, tara. and they're multiplying.

missy is working on a big custom order for the local water utility making all these terry cloth drops. well, i call them miss missy's li'l drips - you may have to petition her to change their name. i think missy might also want to consider claiming that they cure dropsy.

today, after much talk of missy's comic strip in the local weekly, i finally went online to look it up. holy man, do people get riled up over some drawings of cute wittew tofus. it's amazing. it seems like the paper gets most of its letters about her strip. the rancho cocoas told us that a few years ago the ire of one athenian even spurred a poster campaign. people are weird. and amazing. i'm impressed with missy for taking this weekly abuse on her $20-per-strip salary.

oh i should also announce that i couldn't help but begin a rubber band ball for the road. if my baby at home hasn't totally atrophied in the summer heat, maybe they can be pals upon my return to toronto.


Anonymous said...

That cat is huge, fabulously cute, but huge :)

sweetie pie press said...

i've seen bigger.

it's her person-like behavior that makes her seem so grand.

lauren said...

Oh man oh holy wowza that cat picture has got 18 kilos of the right stuff going on! that picture knocked my socks off so that i will be barefoot until, say, Friday. At least! Give that cat a cigar.

sweetie pie press said...

17 pounds.

i feel bad that nilla's size is more apparent than her personality in that photo. she helps me make buttons!

lauren said...

I mean that she has hectares and leagues of "UHHN!", not just her spillage.

She is my new fashion icon, only, there are only a few days of all white all summer left.

But anyway I mean more for attitude, I mean carriage anyway by attitude, anyway, not the vehicle anyway but gait, not the thing you walk through but poise, not the things for incontinence anyw - etc., etc. inf.

Anonymous said...

hi becky! it's jen oaks of 2006 girlie show fame. i said hi at renegade in sf. just wanted to say that i adore your blog and am jealous of your nomadic lifestyle. yay!

Church of Craft Athens said...

Nilla is a small 14.5 pounds, thanks!