Saturday, August 23, 2008

a little georgian german town.

our first day in athens began as all first days here should - with brunch at the grit, an amazing vegetarian restaurant with friendly service and cures for road gut.

but this was just the first of the wonders we would witness. our gracious hosts, missy and raoul, had planned a great adventure for us - a trip to alpine helen (or helen, georgia). helen is a small town about an hour and a half's drive from athens that is designed to make tourists and vacationers think they are in germany...only with more american and confederate flags sprinkled about.

missy and raoul were looking at cookoo clocks in their mission to cutify their home, rancho cocoa. but alpine helen holds far more marvels than just germanic clocks. there is also a miniature kingdom,...

...strange and wonderful sweets,...


...and an historic indian mound (with a gazebo built on it).

i'm pretty sure there is a town ordinance that requires all structures to look faux alpine. even the dutch import shop where i bought postcards...and the circle k.

i must say that all of my recent interactions with miniatures have gotten me really excited about taking pictures of them. but i was haunted by the suspicion (and now with the help of some friends knowledge) that somebody has already done this better and firster. actually, i found a few people doing miniature photo projects. and besides, i am not a photographer. i suppose it will just have to remain a hobby.

when we got home, missy was so tuckered out that she curled up on the table and reverted to her natural form:

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