Friday, August 22, 2008

asheville, north carolina.

today bring just a brief note to discuss the towns of asheville and neighbouring weaverville, north carolina.

corrine, who runs a vintage and handmade shop called diggin' art, originally found my work a few years back through another ashevillian, john murphy of stupid creatures. she has since had a very bad car/vespa accident and had to shut down her shop in asheville. the cosmos being what they are, though, we happened to be passing through the area right after she managed to reopen (titanium spine and all) in nearby weaverville (where she lives). if you are in the area and haven't checked out the new shop yet, you should. her vintage selection is just amazing and every nook and cranny in the new space holds surprises of vintage findings or indie made stuff.

that set of drawers up there is where my buttons were housed when i got there. go find them! that is, unless corrine has found some funky new display idea by the time you get there.

as for now, we are headed to athens, georgia, where we are being taken in my missy and raoul for some down days at rancho cocoa. more on that as time progresses. we also did some thrifting today and i got a quilt top that my friend jen is going to try to murder me for. i might do a thrift stuff round up during our time in athens...but until then i will just gently twist the knife by saying it was five dollars.


leah b said...

oh, i love ashville. i couldn't believe this place existed when we first parked in front of a coffee shop where in a few hours the entire town would come out and hear us play with a local doctor doing the sound. this place is pretty near and dear to me.

sweetie pie press said...

everyone has told me this but we had so little time to fully explore.

not that athens isn't a gem of its own.