Tuesday, August 26, 2008

athens basics.

today we visited bizarro wuxtry, a quintessential athens establishment. nevermind the dust bunnies, bizarro is full of great comics, zines and buttons. devlin, the manager, also makes 1" buttons (under the name 'inch high'). if you need buttons made in athens, he's probably your man. he has done some exceptional things to push the boundaries of buttonry. with his permission, i will be lifting on of these techniques soon for a new button adventure. but until then, i leave you with an image of the amazing tin ceiling at the grit...


Jon Johnson said...

of all of your exciting stops on your trip, this is the one that has excited me the most so far!

sweetie pie press said...

how mysterious.

are you a fan of fancy ceilings? because i sure am.

Anonymous said...

ooh, bizzaro. i just moved back to the midwest after having spent the last three years of my life in the beautiful athens, georgia. i didn't even go into bizzaro until a month before i moved from there because i knew it would be my downfall. i was broke. i mean completely broke the day i went in there and i somehow found thirty dollars worth of things that i just had to have. dumb me.

anyways, i was checking out your blog because i am a participant in the portable library project as well!

so hello. and glad that you enjoyed athens!


sweetie pie press said...

oh, man! the plp. i have to find the time to make mine whilst roaming.

and, yes, we always leave parts of our hearts in athens.