Thursday, June 12, 2008

prairie glam.

wherein our disheveled heroine tussles her hair, drives all day, dodges heavenly agression and searches for cheese curds (with a visit to a roadside antique mall thrown in for good measure).

all in all, a glum gray day of listening to storm warnings and driving past bloated rivers that would soon thereafter be topped up with rain and spill over the highway we had left behind us. we must have done the exact right amount of lollygagging, as we only heard horror stories of weather gone wild on npr but experienced nothing more than some sprinklings of rain ourselves. we rolled into butch and katherine's place right ahead of a big thunder storm and had the extreme pleasure of sipping post-road margaritas and talking into the night while the lightning exploded and passed by the cities.

butch is on the verge of the second annual twin cities improv festival (which he runs). you should go check it out, if you are in the area.

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