Wednesday, June 11, 2008

last splash, chicago.

for our last day in chicago we rounded off our final store visit, clothes optional on clark. this place is a real trap since jamie stocks the shop with an impressive selection of vintage clothes and a sizable men's section. we always end up finding something while jamie is picking through the buttons.

jamie got a bunch of artist sets this time around including the new pin pals set, mark laliberte's contamination series, the security envelopes, tara bursey's cheap dates and jesjit's newest $$ sets.

we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the riveting thralls of doing some last-minute running around, repacking and organizing the chaos in the car. oh, and this happened:

as a reward for our efforts, we went out to the skylark, a walking-distance-from-us bar that reba recommended (for her part, she was feeling too scratchy in the throat to accompany us). it was great (and another photo booth location). we were treated to good conversation and laughs with john, dano and nick who work there. all of them were sufficiently sweet to make us want to come back on subsequent visits to chicagoland (sounds like a theme park). i walked home hiccuping drunk wondering how i would feel in the morning when we had to drive away.


toronto craft alert said...

things you've missed while you've been away:

-a baby squirrel trapped at night the window at planet kid
-a FAMILY of raccoons trapped in the window of songbird

people were freaking out with joy in both occasions. what is it about wildlife in store windows that drives city kids wild?

sweetie pie press said...

is this some new trend in store display?