Friday, June 13, 2008

rolling, rumbling and flattening.

how can one not be in love with the prairies? i am a west coast girl so the grandeur of mountains and such are generally lost on me. but as the landscape turns from rolling green to flat flat flat and the sky widens, so do my eyes.

in north dakota (somewhere a little north of fargo), we were finally passed over by one of these quick-moving, trouble-making thunderstorms that have been harassing the countryside.

our brush with it was swift and light and thankfully included none of the "golf ball sized" hail or funnel clouds that the radio was warning of. in places like this where the skies are so big, you can also watch a storm roll over you - "the belly of the whale" as aitor called it. the wonderment in this fact may be lost on those native to flat places, but storms certainly never operated like this is vancouver. storms also never leave vancouver; they just ooze all over the city until they tire of their humdrum and dry up in a slow suicide. but not here. storms show you their face and stick their fingers down on you as they please. and then they are gone. it's a respectable (if violent) way of operating and i can dig it.

by the very end of dusk, we had arrived at steve and angie's new place in winnipeg (another town very close to my heart) where we were greeted with the warmth i am coming to understand all our friends share. but more about winnipeg later. i am performing here tonight (friday the 13th). you should come.

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