Wednesday, May 21, 2008

push, pull and playgirl.

pictured above is a custom order placed by damon erickson, a local fellow who got these buttons made for the may installment of the octopus project (not the famous band, the bi-monthly toronto art attack). he plans to cover a whole blazer in these buttons which i am very much looking forward to seeing some pictures of. i'm always so happy to make buttons for such interesting projects.

speaking of pushing a pulling (i apologize in advance), emma segal's love porn button set has been featured on playgirl magazine's blog. i have such confused issues with pornography (well, i have confusions over almost all big-button issues), so i was not entirely sure how i felt about this whole playgirl thing when i was approached. i have to say, though, that my communication with the folks involved and their treatment of the craft scene and its erotic content all seemed pretty lovely. and i'm always flattered to be asked to be a part of anything. thanks, playgirl. emma and i are blushing all over.

oh, and in case i seem extra bland today, i am recovering from a crazy flu and think i lost some brain cells. a word to the wise: don't bother getting sick, it's not as much fun as you think.

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