Friday, May 16, 2008

nose to the grindstone, balls to the wall.

did you know that the root of the idiom 'balls to the wall' has to do with the working of an over-exerted steam engine and does not describe the weird classroom punishment i had always imagined it to reference as a child? so, it's not rude; it's historic.

but all blather aside, i'm really busy and making lots of buttons. for some reason i have had a crud load of last-minute button orders come in before my departure. there are some pretty neat ones in the mix, too. but more on those projects as i complete the orders.

pictured above are some posters delivered to me by local screen print (and animated gif) artist, jesjit gill. he takes somewhat damaged, surplus, proof and/or irregular posters from his shop, circles some good parts of them and i make them into his $$ button sets. the first series he did for me were all from copies of the same posters but this batch features eight different posters. putting these sets together is going to feel like an infinite puzzle. i also have to say that, damaged or not, i feel a pang at the moment i bring my scissors to his lovely work. it's the same hang-up i have about cutting into vintage clothes or (worst of all) ripping apart typewriters. i have never ripped apart a typewriter. i'd be more inclined to bring a sledgehammer to a piano but i can't really justify this hierarchy. actually, no, i can. it's because i can't play the piano and so it is my enemy. typewriters are on my side.

but i am getting sidetracked. jesjit's new button sets are going to be awesome and i'm a total bad ass for cutting up his prints.

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