Saturday, May 24, 2008

brain pops.

apologies are in order for not writing about pop with brains before it happened but my stomach flu and other concerns kept me from these internet divergences. pop with brains is a toronto music and art show that seems to come together as a big love fest and gives all their money to the centre for addiction and metal health. it is now in its third year and, although i'm not sure how often it transpires, they have gone through fifteen shows so it must be fairly frequent.

it was great. amazing. i had a fantastic time.

crafty business folks be informed, though, shows like this are never really lucrative. when i do rock shows, i always bring some busy work for the down time and try to get more done than i would at home. but the music last night was phenomenal, which is was made the evening so singular. pictured above are my newest new wave heroes, the miles, who must have been (sorry, gentlemen) fifteen years old. but they make an impressive amount of well-worked devo/madness racket for their years. i was also blown away by fox jaws from barrie (lead singer lady, carleigh aikins, pictured below rocking a button combo). that lady has pipes. i also really loved the schomberg fair who were kind of a country blues band with some heavy metal backing vocals. i never go to rock shows anymore, so it was really fantastic to be out at such a great show. i think the organizers did a great job.

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