Sunday, May 25, 2008

pins and pals and constant buzz.

well, i have finished making our very exciting, newest button set just in time for tomorrow's reclaimed craft fair (actually, today's, at this point). if these wayward characters happen to look familiar to you, it is because they were designed by sara guindon to both be distributed by the sweetie pie press and to join the pin pals family. the set is simply titled pin pals and suggest many possible social story lines (to me, anyway). i can see this gang (or members thereof) having an argument across a lapel, a romance on a handbag or a reconciliation in the midst of a cork board. sara's got a real knack for imparting attitude and personality to her illustrated figures. i just hope they don't mess my apartment up while i sleep.

the reclaimed craft fairs, by the way, are a new initiative of crafty happenings with a recycling bent in and around the kitchen/waterloo area. tomorrow's happenings are in cambridge. i felt a little guilty thinking about all the more eco-friendly crafts out there (marnie). but then i realized that the security envelopes buttons are made from reclaimed paper as are jesjit's $$ button sets (the posters used were, after all, his cast-offs) and the worksite accidents prints are also done on reused pages from an electrical manual. actually, i also print on reclaimed paper for many of my buttons. so i may not be running an entirely second-use business here but i was surprised to see how much of my material is being given a second go around. i still think i can do better. and thinking towards a show like this really got the wheels turning.

actually, that notion ties into a new top-secret project i have just agreed to undertake for todd falkowsky's souvenir shop project. it's a self-imposed top-secrecy (mostly because i don't want to disappoint anyone by not coming through) but a little too exciting not to leak hints about. i am very flattered to have been asked to contribute.

oh, and i am also going to do another last-minute ticket giveaway. the first two people to ask can have my two comps to bitch salad on tuesday evening at buddies in bad times theatre (here in toronto). i will be performing in this monthly comedy bitchfest (run by my pal andrew johnston) as the girl half of my improv/comedy duo, iron cobra. this will be our last performance in toronto for some time as i won't be here again until...basically 2009. i have also declared this show my unofficial send-off party. it's so unofficial, i forgot to tell anybody. so it will be you two recipients and me and graham and andrew and elvira kurt. and y'all better send me off right.


leah b said...

oh i'd love to come see you on tuesday night, but i'd need a date...

if some other 2 people want them then they should get them. in the meantime, i'll work on getting a date - maybe my cat.

also, i love the new button sets! ugh...both are so so good.

sweetie pie press said...

i think you should come. either this is not a very enticing offer or people are out frolicking and not reading blogs. try to make shannon your date!