Monday, April 14, 2008

this hyperbolic life.

photos by belphoebe

today was spent in the most delightful manners. an early morning trip to st. lawrence market to goof around with the reverend (i bought i really nice dress that was not part of the plan), an afternoon class on hyperbolic crochet at the knit cafe and a nerve-wracking performance of an excerpt from my play at the summerworks festival launch party. the latter activity was only nerve-wracking because i made it that way. i just haven't been in the swing of scripted performance lately. but the crowd was exceptionally warm (read: wine drunk). thank you for that. and thank you, michael, for inviting me out of my rut.

the crochet class, on the other hand, was much less stressful - although i always feel a self-imposed pressure/fear when teaching anything to anyone. regardless of my neuroses, an afternoon spent in simple crochet and complex mathematical thought is always restorative. like a knob, i didn't bring my camera so i've stolen some pictures for this posting. that also means you will get to see a picture of me explaining excesses of surface by flapping my hands about.


Anonymous said...

Ooo! Which play? How'd it go?

Clearly I both miss you and need to get out more.

sweetie pie press said...

get out more? aren't you clear across the country? speaking og which, i'm coming out west in a few months.

it was a piece from anorexican (old news to you). and it went over really well, actually. i had a good time. but after a day of crocheting and antiquing, i can feel the terrors of performance with alarming clarity.