Sunday, April 13, 2008

backblog (or how i learned to make the internet more quantum).

pictured here is a photo of some collected works of a miss saddle kobayashi. this picture was taken almost a year ago, when saddle was here from japan on a one year visa. not long after this picture was taken, i purchased the shrinky dink/polyfill/glitter creation pictured most prominently. it has been on my wall ever since. you see i have an affinity for successful art involving glitter. the fact that shrinky dinks and polyfill are also used make this piece mind-boggling to me. but i'm getting off my intended tracks.

track #1:
saddle misses toronto. as a result, she is taking the reigns on toronto vs. nagoya: round 1 - a civilized "art fight" between artists of toronto and artists of nayoga. in round 1, all artists/crafters are being asked to create work 4" square and no more than 1" thick. this is a co-presentation with city of craft and you can find more info on our website, if you like. the call is open until april 20 with art having to be in the mail by may 10.

track # 2:
it occurs to me in looking through all my past pictures, that i don't want to forget the stories that go with them. basically, i should have let faythe convince me to start blogging a few years ago. but i didn't. so now i have to blog backwards. although this little project started being undertaken at the end of january 2008, it will now begin moving both forward and backward and in between. look around! see if you can find the past reminding me of itself. i will let everyone know if i figure out how to generate pictures and stories of the future.

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