Tuesday, April 15, 2008

i will soon abate.

hyperbolics have taken over once again. these teaching stints at the knit cafe have really rekindled my destructive addiction to hyperbolic crochet. i had to cut myself off for a while back in the fall so that i could sober up and focus more attentions on my potentially money-making projects. after the financial battering my play gave me, this was a pretty important move.

it's not like i'm any richer now. but spring is in the air and a young lady's fancy can so easily turn back to the corpulent frills of these wooly figures. needless to say, i'm back to my old tricks - crocheting on the streetcar and rebuffing the advances of chatty strangers. i mean, if they really wanted to know what i was doing, they'd find my blog, right?

to the end of furthering the cause (and as an aid to students of hyperbolic crochet everywhere), i have created a new hyprbolic crochet taxonomic gallery on flickr. there is another hyperbolic crochet group there but the administrator seems to have lost interest and, unhindered, the pool is filling with pictures of hats, amigurumi bunnies and other off topic flotsam. the aim of this new group is to both share pictures of hyperbolic models and to share their increase rates/materials/guages/whathaveyous. hopefully, this will prove helpful to those continuing on in their own arguable useless addictions. we at the sweetie pie press are nothing if not enablers.

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