Friday, April 4, 2008

sock monkeys and boobs and dinks.

above is pictured a recent custom order i did for operation sock monkey, an initiative launched by local lady, lindsey hodgson, late last year to both send sock monkeys and other support to aids affected children in africa. you can read much more about the project on her website. also, i think the buttons turned out pretty cute. we had to rush to get them done in time for this saturday's sock-monk-a-thon (on facebook here, and open to anyone who wants to lend a hand/needle). these sock monkey making parties give you a nice tutorial on sock-monkey creation in exchange for your first born monkey - it either gets sold to raise funds or get sponsored to go to africa.

speaking of precocious animals, look at this guy i saw on the streetcar today on my way to work:

somehow when an elephant with a belly full of mice gives you the finger, you just know everything's going to be okay. thanks for providing me with my daily omen, anonymous artist. (and thanks for making it auspicious. i'm totally maxed out on foreboding omens lately!)

after work (where we watch this owl all day), i also got to go on a hot group date with a bunch of my friends. we went to the opening of shannon gerard's playing doctor installation at open studio.

shannon's work is really interesting to me because it straddles art and craft (and in this case, education) with ease. this merging of art and craft is a big hot topic in local indie craft circles (i can't speak to whether or not the art community wants to foster more "low-craft" fusion). and shannon just flips back and forth between both worlds so effortlessly. she's also got mad crochet skills, which i always respect. these skills are not shown off nearly as much in her boobs and dinks as they are in her upcoming series which i have had the honour to preview. and that's saying a lot. her dinks and boobs are no slouches. the whole project is quite impressive in concept, design, quantity and display.

congratulations on your opening, shannon! here are a bunch more pictures to celebrate you:


Meb said...

This loolks really great! I have some of your buttons (I always make provisions at expozine in Montreal). What you do is really fabulous! Keep up the good work!

sweetie pie press said...

hey, thanks, meb.

i should have included a link to shannon's etsy shop, too. some of her stuff there is priced crazily cheap!

also, i love expozine. i don't know if we can make it back this year as my sweetie and i may be travelling elsewhere but i will miss it deeply if that's the case.

leah b said...

shannon is so talented that it's kinda scary. i'm so sad to have mixed the op
ening - damn work.

she is my art/craft straddling hero. she masters mediums within which to work the way most people master walking and chewing gum at the same time.

toronto craft alert said...

why didn't i go to this? guess i'm not hot enough for your group dating circle....wah wah

shannon rulz!

sweetie pie press said...

don't feel dissed. the group date kind of snowballed. emma came with me from work, she called a friend, i asked lauren and then aitor happened to be know.

to be honest, i generally avoid group outings unless it's for hallowe'en because they tend to lead to a lot of aimless wandering. but hallowe'en is about aimless wandering so i'm cool with it.

oh yeah, the show is still on, too for anyone who wants to go.

toronto craft alert said...

sorry for my self-pitying outburst. i was stuck in a lame-hole (that's like a black hole, but waaaaay lamer). you are totally allowed to do things with out me!