Wednesday, April 2, 2008

frozen mitten # 2

frozen mitten

found april 2, 2008
christie & ashworth
this frozen mitten was being angrily tossed into the middle of the street along with the business end of a broom today as i travelled up christie street. i guess the lady doing the tossing had become tired of mittens and broom parts accumulating on her property (or possibly just a property she admires). regardless, her timing was good as i am a newly established mitten rescuer.

as a side note, i was on my way to drop off a small button order for this. if you are a youth who makes art, you might want to check them out.


Captain's Blog said...

I like people who have the courage to live unconventional lives, but that's Aquarius for you. The world needs more people with their outlook.

sweetie pie press said...

howdy, captain!

i think you may have the distinction of being the first stranger to comment on my fledgling blog.

i will say, however, that living an unconventional life can be fueled by traits other than courage - stupidity, stubbornness, misanthropy, and short attention spans all come to mind readily.

but if you were talking about me, i graciously thank you.