Saturday, April 5, 2008

back in the straddle.

hey, wondering what's up with button operations at the sweetie pie press? me too.

with a day job and the festival i was running and some illness thrown in to boot, the button factory has slowed somewhat over the past couple of months. but we're currently working to rectify that situation and get the wheels rolling again.

pictured above is a sneak peek of two exciting new commissioned artist button sets - sweets by my favorite southern belle/zine queen, missy kulik, and the as-yet-unnamed set of microscopic exploration by toronto-based visual artist/indie magazine magnate, mark laliberte. despite her diminutive size, missy is a pretty big fan of sweets herself. she names everything after them - her cat, her band, her other band, her home. in a visual landscape where cuteness can seem saccharine-plastered everywhere, missy keeps it simple and comes by it honestly. and as for mark, aside from being the everything behind locally-made art & design magazine carousel, he is also responsible for the 1" buttons project that i give the most props to, pop noire. and this coming from a real button snob. you should probably check out the massive outputs of both these guys. it should keep you occupied for a while. when you're done with that, you can come back here where i will hopefully have the finished sets ready for your perusal.

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