Saturday, March 1, 2008

vintage thing & textile show.

today jen, leah and i wanted to get some vintage things so we went to this show. it's the best if you want vintage things...or textiles.

i got some textiles and a bunch of things. the fabric i got was a vintage brown cotton with blue flowers but i am currently too tired to photograph it (also, maybe documenting everything all the time is weird). the things i got were lots of buttons. some of them have intended destinations and some do not yet. those little guys should be popping up on some new stuff i am making for upcoming fairs and sales. you'll see.

jen and leah also scored some good finds, although i think we are all in modes of financial prudence/fear at the moment.

jen got this amazing ball of fabrics from the 30's/40's (correct me if i am wrong on dates, jen). apparently, such a thing would have been made out of scraps in order to crochet a rag rug. but in jen's case, these tiny strips are perfect for her many forays into miniature patchwork. and as a true fetishist of fabric and print, this ball kind of proposes an endless christmas.

oh, yes, she also couldn't help but get right into unrolling as we wandered around...

this got extra hilarious when we hit the wind of the parking lot.


toronto craft alert said...

your dating is correct.
i decided to save this ball for my birthday, where i will unstitch each strip and place them in matching piles whilst people celebrate me.

was there ever a better birthday plan? think not.

sweetie pie press said...

is it okay if i celebrate you by curling up in a ball and sleeping on your floor? i must come to your birthday between shifts at the theatre centre and make no promises about my state of being.

than again, i am working on a new pseudosphere...maybe i can sleep on that.