Thursday, February 28, 2008

accidental worksite accident.

hey, what would you give me for this?

(disclosure: it has a smudge on the top of the scissors).

out of 200 prints, this was my only second from the worksite accidents run, so i am pretty proud of myself. and even though i've deemed this little lady less than perfect, i'm sure she would make someone very happy. but because of the smudge, i don't really want to sell her. so it's time for another bidding war (last time i think i made shannon gerard bid against herself).

so make me some offers. i'll entertain all your weird bids. but i might also reject some.

the cloth, bowl, chair, kitchen table, flooring and base board is not inlcuded.

oh, and it measures 4.5" wide by 9" tall and is printed on a page from a cathode tube manual that i bought on etsy. and i am able to mail it quite safely if you happen to be outside of toronto.


sweetie pie press said...

from my friend jody (via facebook):

I'll make you a piece of "art" that measures 4.5" x 9", but you won't know what it is until I give it to you, so it's a risk. I can tell you that I'll make it predominately out of construction paper though.

Your print will be framed and hung in my new apartment, and I will look at it every day, and when people come over -mostly a string of random, nameless ladies- they'll say "Who made that?" and I'll say "None of your damn business. Just kidding. Becky Johnson made that. She's a famous porn star, if you didn't know."

That's my bid.

sweetie pie press said...

and from brendan (currently in the lead):

25 smackers and diner breakfasts with me whenever you want them. As long as I'm free, I'm there and I'm paying.

sweetie pie press said...

wait, i get multiple breakfasts? did you win the lottery?

J. said...

To my original bid I'll add:

I will take you AND Brendan Gall out for 1 (ONE) diner breakfast at the diner and time* of your choice, the breakfast to include a meal of breakfasty foods and 1 (ONE) beverage, unless said beverage is "bottomless," in which case you may drink until your face falls off.

*As long as it a Saturday or Sunday.

sweetie pie press said...

alright, since i think jody's bid did not quite rival brendan's, i am going to accept both. but how is this possible? jody gets the print! i'm pretty excited he we also tell people it was made by a porn star which i feel will give my artwork added "inferred meaning". also, i am going to say that once we settle on a date, jody can pick the diner. but it has to be in toronto.

brendan, for his clearly drug-induced generosity, will get a set of prints. this is because he actually bid above the retail price for a non-seconds print, and i'm not that much of a huckster. i think brendan is also gambling on me feeling too shy to make him feed me all the time. well, bren, get ready...i'm pretty broke and pretty hungry. your only saving grace is how much i go out of town. oh, is this offer only limited to cities we are in at the same time? or will you fly?

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is win-win. There are few things I enjoy more than a Becky Johnson-themed breakfast.

I regret nothing. So far.