Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pin cushion and related neediness

here is a pin cushion i made last night. i've been wanting to make one for a while, then was inspired by fabrics i got at the fabric swap. i knew these ones came from jen because everything in her house has a special smell that she says is cedar and tobacco - she married a pipe smoking woodworker. it's nice when people have inoffensive yet distinctive smells. it makes me feel like everything would be okay if i went blind.

the buttons are vintage. i think the red one came from a favorite antique mall on the fringes of detroit and the cream one is a rather old glass button i got in a big button score at st. lawrence market. and it's all stuffed with the tiniest unusable fabric scraps, selvages and thread (see, sweetie, there is something to be done with that jar of thread ends/tangles i keep).

i'm thinking of making a bunch of these for a spring craft fair that city of craft/the workroom is cooking up (more actual information on that shortly) so you can feel free to encourage me, if you'd like. i am also trying to wrap my head around things to crochet for spring time and have a few ideas in that direction, too. but i have some pattern making to do before i have any crochet work to show off.

other side. it's reversible!


toronto craft alert said...

oh that makes me happy. to see my reject fabrics made beautiful.

consider yourself encouraged!

Anonymous said...

I love the pattern on the red one. The button has a kind of an old world charm to it.

what is your styleosophy said...

Very cute pin cushion!!

sweetie pie press said...

oh, thank you. i never ended up making more. as it turns out, they destroy my hands and lots of people make stuff like this. but this one became my trusty sewing helper and i've made a few for friends.