Monday, March 3, 2008


hey, look, i made some buttons for my friend mack (also known as skyshark)! the reverend and i briefly lived with mack in a rooming house in little portugal, so i am accustomed to the weird bleeps and blops that would come out of his room. but last night i got to see him actually perform with some of his newer gizmos for the first time. it was pretty keen. you should probably make an effort to see him if you live in the toronto area.

the show mack was performing at was a fundraiser for the festival i am producing. yeah, as if i didn't have enough to do, i know. i had a great time and got to perform an opening set with my friend ron pederson for one last time before he goes out to vancouver to do one of those musicals he's always in. ron and i have been performing improv as the national theatre of canada while he's been out here in toronto. much in the way bill richardson declared himself poet laureate of canada, we just saw a vacancy in the name and stepped up. i mean, someone had to. we brought kurt smeaton on for last night's show, too, and really got up to some impressively stupid tomfoolery. i would like to thank you, boys, for helping me have fun again. and godspeed, ron. have fun surviving amid the joggers and kayakers of vancouver.

i know this blog is mostly craft/press related and this post has been off topic, but right now a whole bunch of my time is being consumed by my erstwhile love, comedy. oh, i still love it a bit but i miss sewing and crocheting when i am this involved in the complicated/stressful world of improv again. so, i'll leave you with an image from this month's meeting of the toronto church of craft at the workroom (my one crafty diversion for the weekend - i mended my coat!)

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