Wednesday, March 5, 2008


this is what i do at work. (i have graciously been given some temporary full time employment).

lessons to learn:
1) if you find a pair of argyle socks that you like, stock up. get some different colour schemes. treat yourself.

i see these little slivers of me all day at the edge of the frame as i take pictures of clothes. it's kind of funny. although, i actually did start to feel disturbed last fall when the company started making women's sweaters and i had to pose for pictures in the sweaters and then sit down at a computer and erase my head and hands and body out of them. over and over. i also had to cut my feet off for socks.

here's what i look like as a torso:

creepy. that's what i should be for hallowe'en this year!


here is a picture i wanted to add in the comments section but apparently that can't be done.

this is my friend misha's costume from last year that i plan to best by being a floating torso. photo by margaux williamson.


Anonymous said...

this picture is fucking with my had. i can't quite figure it out...

Anonymous said...

that woyld be "head"

oh, and it's daryl

Anonymous said...

that would be "would." JESUS!

sweetie pie press said...

somehow i knew this was daryl from the first post. maybe because anonymous bloggers don't often swear.

i joke about being disturbed but it really really did disturb me to cut my body up.

i also looked totally disgusting in all the pictures - no make-up, gross hair - because i knew my head was going to be cut off. i also tried to make stupid faces as much as possible because everyone was focused on the folds in the sweaters and usually i was the only person who noticed my face.

Anonymous said...

did you ever see that horrible movie with kevin bacon in it? some variation on the invisible man.

it does sounds disturbing, then again so does full-time employment.

also, I'm SO predictible!

sweetie pie press said...

hollow man. i did. what's the point of a kevin bacon movie where you can't see him?

shannongerard said...

it's better than a christian bale movie where you can't see him. i have a problem related to not seeing enough of christian bale.

Anonymous said...

Shanne! maybe if you saw the machinist that problem would be cured?

sweetie pie press said...

i have learned from all invisible people movies that being invisible always makes you crazy and/or evil. this also applies to invisible radio people (the shadow - the world's most ominous hero).

but i haven't seen this christian bale thing.

also, wasn't there one where bill cosby was invisible or did i just dream that?

Anonymous said...

i don't know, but if there was a bill cosby thing, but i want to see it. also, when buffy turned invisible she was having all kinds of fun, (so not strictly evil or crazy) but alas she risked turning to mush.

the machinist is the movie where christian bale played an insomniac and he weighed about 20 pounds for the role. creepy!

shannongerard said...

Christian Bale looks kind of like Extreme Craig Rodmore in that Machinist movie!

When Buffy was invisible no one could see her cute new haircut. Pout.

Related: Buffy has fantasies about Christian Bale too!

sweetie pie press said...

after some serious research, i present to you ghost dad. not only is bill cosby invisible, but he is also being directed by sidney poitier.

this might call for a screening party.

Anonymous said...

that sounds awesome. we should have a double feature where we watch that and leonard part 6. we can all wear cosby sweaters too! where? when?