Tuesday, December 11, 2012

from city to city.

my friend serena has made an amazing book about her years in one of the most incredible places i have ever visited on this earth - bruno, saskatchewan. my encounter and subsequent relationship with bruno and her/tyler brett's then project there, all citizens, is definitely a highlight of all my years touring arts and crafts across this continent.

serena is launching the book in toronto on wednesday, december 12, 2012. i am really honoured to have been invited into the proceedings as a panel speaker.

wednesday, december 12, 2012
the gladstone hotel

1214 queen street west
$5 or free with book purchase

below are some of my favourite images from my visits to bruno, surrounding areas and all citizens. it was hard to choose.

all citizens
all citizens 003b
bruno 006b

buffalo farm 012b
bruno 016b
bruno 014b
grain elevator 002

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