Thursday, May 5, 2011


sky writing

aitor and i just looked up from our happy reunion, subletter interviews and pre-tour panic to see this drifting past our home. we couldn't entirely tell what it said. "life ___ clear today"? does anyone know what is going on? have i just been duped into caring about some corporate stunt? or political message? i am really hoping that the answer is more magical than that.


sweetie pie press said...

boo. duped by a corporation and a pharmaceutical company, no less.

happyd said...

ya i saw that too ... claratin?

i could only make out the words that you made out too...

neonfoxtongue said...

I must have seen it right after it was done because it was very clear (pun intended).

My co-worker suggested that the message was probably make with ingredients that cause allergies, which strikes me as a perfect ad scam.