Friday, May 6, 2011

car dreams (and panic attacks).

brokeback pontiac close
artwork by tyler brett from 2009's 'brokeback pontiac' tour findraiser

i am home now, back in toronto, with just under two weeks until we have to depart, austin-bound, to start the tour. we still have no vehicle. although my lovely mechanic is on the job, helping me look for the perfect vehicle, i figured i would put my dream list of car-qualities out into the ether to see if i could scare up a new touring chariot.

do you, or someone you know, have a station wagon that is reliable, good on gas, relatively easy to find parts for, safe and for sale? it also have to be relatively affordable. i am hoping that this new vehicle also bring me firmly into the 1990's.

it's a lofty wish list, but i know there is a new car out there to help me tour. okay world, let me know what you possess.



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