Tuesday, March 29, 2011

vernacular desserts.

dutch dreams (6)b

recent events have seen me making increased visits to my amazing mechanic, eric (who will have his own post here soon for being, truly, a prince among men). he is located up at st. clair and vaughan, an area i don't otherwise find myself in very much. these visits keep reminding me of one of toronto's most outstanding examples of vernacular/visionary/self-taught art, dutch dreams. an ice cream and candy shop, the flat iron-type building is festooned with all manner of cow, dairy and dutch themed hand painting and sculpture. my documentation here is pretty rushed and perfunctory, but i was having a rushed and perfunctory day. i had to pick up boris for the last time and was feeling distressed. i will have to go back another time (eric and i still have business so i am sure i will be there again sooner rather than later) and take some more detailed shots. at the very least, the sidewalk waffle cone making set-up made the entire intersection smell like a cloud of vanilla and sugar; this did a lot to soften my anxious mood.

anyone want an ice cream date in may?

dutch dreams (7)b



I had the biggest ice cream cone in my life at Dutch Dreams. The building looks amazing! So does the house across the street with the ice cream cone slide.

shannongerard said...

willy wants an ice cream date

laurie said...

this is my hood! we could arrange an ice cream social!

Jen Anisef said...

a belated yes please! have not frequented DD since my youth and drove by it last week, desiring it heavily. let's have a toronto date in may here, please!