Monday, March 28, 2011

kick off (or consider helping get the 2011 summer tour off the ground).

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pictured throughout this post are stills from a video i made in support of a newly launched kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to launch the sweetie pie press 2011 summer craft tour. the video and page explain my unique need for start-up cash this year. basically, without my trusty steed, boris carloff, the travel costs have grown considerably.

but this is not just a plea for money. no way! i work with my hands and my brain and my eyes and i make things. through the kickstarter page, i have offered up a wide spectrum of these art, craft and design goods for your approval and consumption. my hope is that the rewards i have put together will fill needs and desires that you or your business might have.

a few highlights of the rewards include:
  • postcards from the road!
  • pin back buttons!
  • me writing or devising your name or message somewhere on the road, photographing it and sending you a print resolution copy (no postage/less fuel required for delivery!)
  • screen prints!
  • crafty combo packs!
  • sidebar banners on this very blog!
  • bulk button buying for retailers or pinback addicts!
  • huge installations that i will come to your home, museum or underpass and install!
and there's more, so go check it out. and feel very free to help spread the word, should the mood strike you.

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huge thanks are owed to bob wiseman for editing the video and making its music; to dusty parr for shooting the video and letting me use pictures he took; to christy petterson, bre pettis, raoul de la cruz and reverend aitor for letting me use pictures they took; and to sue daly for massive behind-the-scenes help.

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anabela / fieldguided said...

Good luck, Becky!!

sweetie pie press said...

thank you, anabela. day one has already be incredibly inspiring. i am buoyed by the power of friends and strangers.

Tara Bursey said...

Hiya Pal,

As soon as I pay off some of my maxed-out credit card, I will pledge $20...most likely tomorrow.

Good luck!


Gillian said...

Kickstarter is so awesome! My friend funded her whole album through it.

Now I just have to decide which prize is most exciting...

sweetie pie press said...

guys, thank you so much!

and yes, kickstarter is amazing. i am becoming overwhelmed by all the awesome projects on there!