Thursday, February 24, 2011

pocket book.

organizer (7)b

i guess this is mostly for leah. i am forever chasing the mystical dragon of streamline organization. unfortunately, i also have a near pathological aversion to using standard materials and tools. i always have to make my own whateveritis and do things the hard way.

that's why i got really excited when i found this little organizer/binder at my local thrift shop. i figured it was some kind of standard size; as it turns out, it hold paper that is half a normal size (8.5" x 5.5"). then i couldn't find any sources for inserts! i happened on one stack of awesome grid paper that fits it, in a louisville thrift store of all places, and that's it.

solution? i have sealed an cut open a bunch of envelopes from my ample hoard and voila - instapockets! these will hold stamps, currencies, communications, travel tickets and itineraries. it's a pretty kitschy solution but such is my style.

if anyone of you book or paper nerds out there knows where i can get actual inserts for this binder, i would be very happy to hear about it. getting my hands on some of those awesome sealable pockets would be pretty swell. or a calendar! can you imagine?

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Anonymous said...

Hello. I have been thinking lately about making a zine since I haven't done so since high school (late 90s). I went to Half Price Books in Seattle, WA, today and found all three editions of "A Cette Dame". I enjoyed reading through them, as well as checking out the Sweetie Pie Press.

sweetie pie press said...

whoa! i wonder what trail they travelled to get there!

so glad you enjoyed them. me, i think zines will be big again for 2011.

leah b said...

i have an idea. no promises, but could you give me the distance between those binder rings?

sweetie pie press said...

leah, my friend jo has been very helpful. this actually is a standard size and the 'desk' size for dayplanners.

on an 8.5" sheet the holes are at 1.5", 4.25" and 7".

sweetie pie press said...

there is stuff like this and this. although i don't think i need 50 inserts.

leah b said...

oh i just had a custom-something idea for your organizer - somthing you could use, but, i dunno...we'll see and maybe there'll just be something here waiting for you!

otherwise, your customization looks really great!!