Friday, February 25, 2011


mitten class (2)b

today i had the great pleasure of attending the sewn mittens class at the workroom. although late in the cold season, the timing was perfect for me as i have recently been charged with making a new pair of mittens for my grampa. sometimes when people know you are crafty, they assume you can do anything and, actually, mittens were a little beyond me. i am sure it is possible to crochet them, but i really prefer knits in mittens - and i don't knit with much proficiency.

it is done for the winter, but i highly recommend earmarking this course for the fall if you are in a position like i was. you can work with knits without having to knit them. all that said, i did not use a knit at all. instead, i chose some scrap wool suiting for the shell and polar fleece for the lining - i wanted mitts that looked like grampa mitts. the pattern is very simple and endlessly flexible. everyone in the class made something entirely different by making small adjustments. we worked with woven wool, cotton knits, fleece, flannel and leather and made mitts with cuffs, elastic gathers or no closing frills at all. it's also not a precision sewing project. knits and fleeces are very forgiving of gummy sewing technique. this was good for my current state of mind. and i was done start-to-finish in under three hours. for some reason, i always think sewing projects will take forever. nope.

in the end, my non-stretch fabric choice for the shell might have made them too small for my grampa (which is a shame) but they turned out nicely and i feel accomplished at sewing again. it has been a while.

oh, and then they possessed me to creepily stalk jerisse. out for that.

mitten class (5)b


Mama said...

These look good. Are they the one that are probably too small for Grandpa Jack?

sweetie pie press said...

yup, those are the ones. other than that, though, i think they would suit him.

Jen Anisef said...

heavily jeals that i had to miss this. yours look great!

sweetie pie press said...

a ha ha! jeals!

thank you.