Thursday, January 20, 2011


skype with leah trimmed cleaned

sometimes the gossamer pixelation of a trans-atlantic skype conversation is just right. i took this screen capture of leah because of the pink walls and the blue sweater and the squared-up translation of the gold toof button she is wearing.

leah is getting ready to open the next instalment of the wunderkabinet tomorrow in berlin. my contribution is, sadly, still in limbo. although the canada post tracking suggests that the package is there, we are still keeping our fingers tightly crossed that it finds it way into her hands by tomorrow night. apparently, germany is riddled with bureaucratic confusion.

leah even made me my own special shelf for the 'pieces of a wall' - and she bevelled the edges. i want it filled for the opening!

whether my stuff makes it in time for tomorrow night or not, you should check the menagerie if you live in or pass through berlin. the online shop should also kick back into gear at some point after that.

i am really excited that i get to see the tail end of this showing. and i get to see leah even sooner!

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