Thursday, January 20, 2011

heart attack!

crochet hearts (1)b

thanks to a request from michelle, i spent a little time last night fooling around with crocheting hearts. using this ingenious pattern, i had a great time playing with different options and a few mild variations of my own. i also finally got to learn the easy and gratifying magic ring technique. if there is some level of interest, i may make a few variations of this for the love & rummage trunk show. either way, they make great valentines.


neonfoxtongue said...

Amazing! I love them. Great red too.

I'm no expert, but I predict they would be very popular and love & rummage.

sweetie pie press said...

oh, good! i was worried my reds were too ruddy. i think the one top right is my fave. it was done with the smallest gauge yarn.

anyway, you get all of these.