Friday, January 21, 2011

stocking stuffer.


i managed to avoid the outside world entirely yesterday (with much help from cramps). today can not be the same. i have to run out for my daily mail run and perform tonight.

so it's a good thing that these two new pairs of tights arrived in the mail today from the west coast. thanks for making the dream a reality, mama! and just in time for another cold snap.

i don't care what all the complainers say, give me some wool blend tights and felted insoles for my shoes and i can conquer the perceived terrors of a winter wonderland. okay, and a scarf and a pea coat. and mittens. you get the idea.


caitlyn said...

yay you got them!! hope they help ease the cramps away.

Candice Hartsough McDonald said...

ooo, how to felted insoles work? they sound cushy and warm.

sweetie pie press said...

lemonade - they are keeping me warm, at least.

candice - you just buy 'em and pop 'em in yours shoes and your life changes.

roisin said...

where are those grey and pink ones from? they are great!

sweetie pie press said...

oh, yes. they are both from here.