Saturday, January 22, 2011

the empty shelf.

opening2 025
photo by leah buckareff

this just in from berlin: my shipment of goods to the wunderkabinet missed the opening party by a hair! aparently, my package was not alone in being tardy. a few other folks had shipping lags, as well. leah ingeniously replaced all the missing pieces with in-absentia black and white photographs.

and look, there it is! my shelf for the show!

the entire show looks completely lovely. i have nothing but congratulations for leah and can't wait to see it for myself. i can't wait to see leah even sooner. she's going to show up on my couch tuesday! tuesday also happens to be the next day the wunderkabinet is open. my pieces and shannon's giant aloe (shipped together) will all make their german debuts then.

for more images from the opening, check out leah's photo set here.


Anonymous said...

I received my summons to the customs office Saturday afternoon! The package will be in hand by Monday am!

sweetie pie press said...

awesome! that must

shannongerard said...

when this gets filled with your art, the photo will be of the former shelf, and underneath it, the shadow of the former shelf.