Thursday, January 20, 2011

show time.

laugh sabbath (3)b

this has been a very button-heavy week. i've had a lot of outside orders to complete. first off, this batch up top is for (can you guess it?) laugh sabbath. laugh sabbath is a weekly comedy show in toronto and a collective of local comics of diverse practice (stand-up, monologue, video, improv, sketch comedy) who create a truly exciting string of shows and micro-bits. most of the associated funnies are also very good friends of mine. the rest are (equally funny) enemies. just kidding; there are some new folks who i do not know very well. if you are in toronto or visiting, this is one of the comedy shows i would easily send you to. it certainly fits into the "alternative" brand (whatever that means) so if you prefer awkward comedy and pathos to misogyny and frat ethos (as i do), this is your show.

trampoline vancouver (2)b

and trampoline hall has been invited to do a one-off show in vancouver again. since the show needs to present its entire package to those westies, the merch display is also being packed in a hanging folder box and crossing the continent, too. my old pal johnny b will be manning the table which will house the trampoline hall back catalogue of pinback buttons, the last of the comic zines and these new buttons made just for the vancouver instalment. i shifted the colours just for vancouver (to what i consider a sea-to-sky blue) and made the normal run of buttons to celebrate are the lecturers and lecture topics. will bruce willis be lecturing or will he be discussed? i guess you should go to find out. really, you should go. trampoline hall is one of my favourite things and its presentations out of town are becoming awfully rare.

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